Our School

Dr. Howard Elementary is a dynamic environment where students, teachers, families, and the community work together to create a 21st Century educational experience that is engaging and meaningful.

New Building Coming in 2020

Beginning in 2018, Dr. Howard will be demolished and completely rebuilt on its existing site at 1117 W. Park Street, Champaign. The temporary location for Dr. Howard during this time is 1103 N. Neil Street. The new school is scheduled to be complete in 2020 and will offer exciting new learning spaces to our students and staff.

To see site and floor plans and follow the progress of the Dr. Howard project, visit referendumprojects.champaignschools.org/projects/dr-howard-elementary.

Our Focus

Responsive Classroom is a research-based education approach associated with greater teacher effectiveness, higher student achievement, and improved school climate. Responsive Classroom practice help educators build competencies in four key domains - each of which enables and enriches the others:

  • Engaging Academics - Teachers create learning tasks that are active, interactive, appropriately challenging, purposeful, and connected to students' interests.
  • Positive Community - Teachers nurture a sense of belonging, significance, and emotional safety so that students feel comfortable taking risks and working with a variety of peers.
  • Effective Management - Teachers create a calm, orderly environment that promotes autonomy and allows students to focus on learning.
  • Developmental Awareness - Teachers use knowledge of child development, along with observations of students, to create a developmentally appropriate learning environment.

Teachers who use the Responsive Classroom approach understand that all of children's needs - academic, social, emotional, and physical - are important. The teacher creates an environment that responds to all of those needs so that your child can do his or her best learning.

Our History

Dr. Howard Elementary School was built as a four room school in 1910 on land donated by Dr. Hartwell C. Howard, one of Champaign County's first doctors. Four rooms were added in 1920, followed by additions in 1931, 1953, and 1959. Dr. Howard was one of the first schools in Champaign to offer educational opportunities for students with disabilities. Dr. Howard is situated in a central Champaign neighborhood, and draws students from all areas of the city.